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Profiled On BuzzFeed & Refinery29

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"DreamdateNYC will be the first product ever to use soft lips as the applicator! They have design and utility patents from the USPTO. DreamdateNYC is a lip-gloss applicator that appeals to teens and anyone else who dares to dream! Its soft, life-like applicator helps tap into the “dream date” that every teen visualizes at some time during their formative years. As each teen applies the lip-gloss, they can conjure up the date of their dreams—and protect their lips with a high-quality product, as well."

As Profiled On Refinery29 & Buzzfeed

LipsIncLLC has created dreamdateNYC,

a revolutionary new beauty product applicator concept

for lip-gloss and perfumes.

You can purchase or license the patents and European Registrations

for this product design that we believe will change the way

people view and use personal care products.

The exclusive life-like, lip-shaped design

creates a unique and engaging experience upon application

that’s completely unparalleled in the beauty industry.

Possible Designs

Be inspired to create the product of your dreams

Are You Interested?

You can create and design any beauty product with our lips applicator by licensing

or buying the US patents and European Registrations. 

Let us help you to be the first to initiate a daring new paradigm.


dreamdatenyc is a patent of LipSyncLLC